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Schedule Diagnostic Imaging Training

Having the most cutting-edge radiology equipment is just as important as using it the right way. Turn to UTI for help with your x-ray and diagnostic imaging equipment nationwide.

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Training Services

Based near Atlanta, our company provides in-service application diagnostic imaging training to pain management, vascular, and orthopedic clinics and related centers in Atlanta. Each machine has different applications for varied purposes, and your staff may not be familiar with them all. Our team is happy to come to your location and teach your technicians how to operate the machines properly. Call us for a quote on our in-service training, and get your staff up-to-date on the latest imaging techniques.

3D Imaging Machine Navigation Setups

Some modern imaging machines require three-dimensional navigation. If you have purchased a 3D machine, you must set up the navigation before you start using it. Whether you choose a Stryker® navigation system or some other system, we can come out and set it up, so that the two navigation systems can communicate properly. Once this is done, we will calibrate your machine to precise settings. With our navigation setup, you can always deliver accurate imaging results to your patients.